Altrad Belle PCX 20/45 Compaction Plate 18″


Heavyweight Plate Compactors from Altrad Belle

Used for soil compaction on new developments, repairs and maintenance jobs with large aggregates, cohesive material or moist content. This plate is a hard hitting but user friendly machine in the heavy weight class. PCX20/50 has outstanding compaction features and is the heaviest forward plate compactor in the range.

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Honda Powered 18″ Compactor Plate

Altrad Belle
Plate Size
450 x 1167mm
Static Pressure (kg/m2)
Travel Speed (m/min)
  • Compaction all-rounder for soils, asphalt and pavements, a plate with unlimited possibilities
  • The optimum vibratory plate for finishing or patching a surface
  • Highest degree of operator comfort: patented vibration neutralization of the operating handle
  • Wear and fracture resistant cast base plate, even during continuous load applications, manufactured out of extremely resistant cast iron (GJS-700)
  • The sturdy protective frame makes this plate resistant to rough treatment or mechanical shocks
  • Powered by Honda
  • Paving pad available as an accessory