Trench Rammer Vs Compaction Plate

Have you ever filled in a hole and come back the next day to find a sunken area where your previously levelled ground was? If so, you probably learned a valuable lesson that day, compacting correctly is key. But you may not know how to go about choosing the right tool for the job and what the tools even are?

Trench rammers are better for clay soils and smaller areas. They compact the soil through impact. Plate compactors are best for gravel, sand or silt and larger areas and compact through vibration. Consider your soil type and size of the job when choosing a trench rammer vs plate compacter.

Trench rammer vs plate compacters

Trench rammers are stronger and will compact deeper with clay soils but can’t be used with granular soils. Plate compacters are not as strong but can be used on larger areas and can also be used on all soils.

Like with most things in life, there cannot be a simple answer to this question but it is clear that plate compactor, also known as vibratory plates, are more versatile than rammers – which are also known as Jumping Jacks. You will have to first determine what soil you are working with and the size of your job before you will be able to know which compacting tool you should have. If you are going to be doing a multitude of different jobs, the best thing you can do for yourself and the people working with you is to get both. The time you save by using the right tool will pay you back tenfold.

The guys at HTS Plant Sales are great. They obviously have a wealth of experience in compact equipment which makes dealing with them very easy.
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